These days there’s a lot of interest in going green. For a well-meaning individual, though, going green is easier said than done. The renewable technologies are, unfortunately, still more expensive than carbon-based energy sources. One important thing that everyone can do, though, is recycle. It’s easy to do, it’s a practice that’s been established for years, and you might even make a few dollars from your planet-saving efforts! If you’re interested in recycling, read this page, and please sign up for our free newsletter to learn more.

Green Earth Symbol

Green Earth Symbol

Why Recycling Shouldn’t Be a Fad But Rather a Way of Life

These days, it’s not uncommon to be told that we all should do our part in saving the earth by recycling. Do we genuinely need to do this? Think about the fact that a single plastic shopping bag can take roughly 1,000 years to totally decompose. Keep in mind, you’re just talking about a single shopping bag so that’s quite a long time. Imagine the number of plastic shopping and trash bags you discard every year. Then times that by the number of people in the country — it all adds up. A good idea would be to recycle the shopping bag instead of letting it sit in the landfill slowly decomposing. Many things can be recycled such as shopping bags being used to make clothing and old tires being used in creating children’s playgrounds. Almost all things can be recycled.

Reduce Landfills

Reduce Landfills

If you decide that you want to help our planet, recycling is the best place to get started. This is perhaps the least complicated and best way to begin your path to green living. In your home, there are a lot of ways of separating your scrap. When you begin recycling, you will need separate bins for different materials. You should have one for glass, one bin for cardboard and one marked for plastics. If you frequently use aluminum cans, you can get a fourth container for them. There are a lot of places in your city where you can take your bins. You’ll see big containers where you can dump your recyclable materials.

Recycled Cans Bundled

Recycled Cans Bundled

Recyling Assembly Line

Recycling Assembly Line

A town in California, called Winston, first began a very strict recycling program for its residents fifteen years earlier. Residents had to abide by the recycling rules or else they faced fines. Of course, most people played by the rules and recycling had many positive effects on this town. They were able to construct a new playground and also build a water park. Recycling also helped to fund basic municipal requisites, such as a police department, a fire station and funding for kids attending pre-school. Hence, not only does recycling help to reuse waste, it can also earn money for other things.

A lot of local schools offer a collection area for you to take your recyclables. These bins get emptied on a regular basis. This is a great method for getting people into recycling and is ideal for any community to be involved in. If you live in a place where they don’t have a recycling service, you have to get in touch with the officials in your area, and find out what can be done about the situation. Inform them how vital recycling is, and your concerns that without the large containers, the people won’t be likely to recycle. Another terrific place to begin a recycling program is in your school or place of work.

Most likely, you feel that you as a single person can’t make a huge difference by your recycling but just think about how much the world would change if everyone did a little recycling. Land fill sites would be a great deal smaller, meaning they are more inexpensive to run as well as not leaving an awful scar on the surrounding landscape. Through recycling, we can take care of the planet and also help to generate money for those in need. Everyone wins.

Without being annoying, educate people on the benefits of recycling, as it is a vital issue. You’ll see that lots of people will be very welcoming to your idea of implementing a recycling program. You’ll discover lots of men and women who are more than ready to help with your recycling campaigns. You’ll also find a lot of children who are happy to help with recycling as they have a better understanding of what is at stake. Using kids can be extremely effective in your campaign to begin a recycling program.

Even if the environment is not a priority for you, don’t forget that the animals have to live here too. They are suffering as a result of troubles in the environment like global warming. Taking even small amounts of time to recycle can help to make the planet a better place for those yet to come.

Imagine how long it takes one thing to decay. It was brought up earlier that a plastic bag takes close to 1000 years to completely decompose. A glass jar may actually take up to one million years to decompose and styrofoam may never decompose at all while other things, such as disposable diapers and milk bottles, can take hundreds of years. There’s no reason to discard these things when they are recyclable.

You should also support enterprises that use recycled products to make their products. If you look carefully, you will find many companies that make things like greeting cards or containers from recycled or partially recycled materials. One more simple thing that can be done by individuals if they would only make the effort is to use your own mesh bags for shopping. Think of the money you can save by not making use of paper or plastic bags. You want to find bags that are very durable so that they can be used over and over.

Although we cannot recycle everything, with modern technology we may be able to determine ways to recycle and use a number of these items. Currently, there’s definitely no reason we aren’t able to recycle plastics, metals, and glass. It’s not difficult and doesn’t cost you anything so why not help preserve the environment? With each person doing their part, we can each make a difference.

Recycling is merely the beginning of your journey to a green lifestyle. As soon as you get accustomed to using recycled products, and categorizing your recyclable trash, things in your life will become more disciplined, and you will become more conscious of doing good things. By choosing to do these little things, you’ll make big strides in saving the planet and convincing other people to do the same.